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You know it’s got to be quick and easy if I made it in a
TV segment that was less than 3 minutes.


Imagine being able to eat food that you really love every day and that these meals are healthy for you and easy to prepare.


Do you want to improve your nutrition or lose weight but think that means eating bland, boring food and giving up everything that you love?


02I have been a food lover for as long as I can remember. Growing up in NYC, I had the good fortune of being exposed to all kinds of great food in people's homes and restaurants from an early age. The culinary diversity of New York has been a strong influence on the way that I cook and eat.


Then, 13 years ago I had a health crisis, and my doctor recommended a specialized diet as a starting place for my getting well. After 2-3 days on the diet, I started to feel better and realized the impact of our food on how we feel. As a result, one of my life goals is to expose as many people as possible to the pleasure of really good, nourishing food.

Here's my philosophy about cooking and eating:


  • Food should taste delicious and nourish us.
  • It is possible for it to be fast and easy.
  • Healthy food does not have to mean deprivation; it should taste great and be satisfying.
  • Ingredients should be as close to the way nature created them as possible rather than overly-refined and then enriched and free from added chemicals.
  • Keeping your house stocked with certain staples, condiments, spices and herbs and setting up your kitchen so you can work efficiently will make it much easier to cook better and quickly.
  • If you eat this way regularly, maintaining a healthy weight follows naturally.
  • If you've eaten something that you later regret, don't beat yourself up. Your next meal is an opportunity to choose differently.

I know from experience that everyone can be a pretty good cook if they know how to do these things and, if they want to, they can also eat in a way that they feel good about for the rest of their life.


These are all reflected in The Conscious Plate Blueprint and my Holistic Health Coaching Programs.

The Conscious Plate is dedicated to helping people eat, cook and enjoy delicious, nourishing food prepared from minimally processed and unprocessed ingredients. I founded The Conscious Plate, to share my skills, experience and love of food with others. I offer a variety of programs and services to teach people of varying ages how to prepare great tasting food quickly and easily and to understand the value of high quality ingredients so that everyone can enjoy eating healthy food and sustain this way of eating without struggle. Would you like to hear what others are saying about The Conscious Plate? Want to know more about me or read my latest blog entries? Do you have a question you’d like me to answer for you? Of course, if you’re ready to eat delicious, nourishing food that you can easily cook yourself, check out my programs and services.